Sergio Tendencia

I play 3 different string instruments, bass, electric and acoustic guitar. I use  Blue Magic strings on all my instruments and they don’t disappoint!

They are reliable, long-lasting, and have a brilliant sound that goes perfectly with my heavy metal style. The electric guitar I use has a Floyd Rose and I use the whammy bar a lot, so the strings must stay tuned under more tension than the regular strings, and the Blue Magic Strings are ideal for my style. 


For almost 30 years, lead guitarist, arranger and composer of the Cuban Rock band Tendencia, one of the most important bands on the metal scene in Latin American. With an extensive discography and countless European tours and throughout the American continent, his music Groove Metal with Afro-Latin percussion has given him an international recognition, based in the USA (Tampa) he continues his concerts in the area and has been invited to important festivals in Florida. Tendencia has shared the scene with high-level bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Body Count, Hatebreed, Madball, Soulfly, Judas Priest, Ditte Whal, Parkway Drive, Crowbar, COR, God Dethroned, and Apocalyptic, Cradle of Filth among others. 

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