Jerry Outlaw

I have always been known for being a chronic whammy bar abuser. I really put strings through a serious workout with my Floyd Rose vibrato system on my early 80s Kramer Pacer guitars. I’ve had these Blue Magic Strings on here a while now and I must say, these things are amazing!!! I bend and stretch my strings like a crazy person and no matter how much I do it, they snap right back in perfect tune every time.

It’s like these strings were made for my Floyd Rose. They feel and sound like brand new slippery, shiny strings every day!! I’m a Blue Magic Strings man from now on!!

Jerry Outlaw has been an active part of the Tampa Bay music scene since 1984. He has performed many different types of music all over the world with groups like The Genitorturers, Bogus Pomp, Jon Oliva’s Pain and currently The Jerry Outlaw Group.

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