Lee Goldstar

I’ve been playing guitar for over 45 years, and gigged the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years in various bands. Since 2020, I had been doing mainly fill-ins for several bands in the Tampa Bay area until moving to Virginia in mid 2022.
I’m currently in the Tampa-based Judas Priest tribute band, The Priest, but moved outside of the Richmond, VA area in August 2022 and joined the Judas Priest tribute, Priest Unleashed. So, Yes, I am currently in 2 Judas Priest tributes! As well as joining a local well known cover band, Sweet Justice.

I was in Tampa Bay for a gig last September and was in need of some strings at rehearsal, so the other guitarist threw me a pack of his Blue Magic strings. I’ve been a life-long EB strings user, but I absolutely loved these! They remained on my guitar for that show, and several rehearsals afterwards. I’m a heavy trem user, and these stay in tune and handle the stretch very well. Will be staying with Blue Magic from here on out.

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