Howard Kleinfeld

I heard about Blue Magic Strings through the local “musician’s grapevine.” As one who is always looking to improve my tone and sound, I recently took the plunge and put a set of Blue Magic’s Sonorous Bass strings on each of the three basses I use to play live in the various classic rock tribute bands I work with.

To say the difference in tone was immediately noticeable would be a drastic understatement! These strings have a sonic character and vibe very different to the old stand-by brands I have been using forever. While sitting in my studio running scales and exercises, I heard the air on top, growly beef in the middle and a punchy tight low end that seemed to be a few notches above the sound I was used to.

I couldn’t wait to try them out onstage, and when I did, it wasn’t just me that noticed how great these strings sound. I had many comments from my bandmates… your bass sounds incredible tonight…did you get a new amp?…THAT sounded great…have you been practicing? Audience members and musicians I know that happened to be in the audience those first few nights using the Blue Magic strings also commented on the punch, clarity and cojones of the sound of the bass.

Suffice to say that I have found my new bass strings for life!

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