KHAOS P90 Strings

The KHAOS P90 Strings.
So Unique, We've Filed
For A US Patent!

Finally, a string developed just for the unique characteristics of the P90 pickup.

Our unique metal alloy formula insures that all 6 strings are perfectly balanced and focused for a much better, easier, performance with the P90 pickup design.

This formula acts as a sonic clarification to remedy any tonal imbalances when used with P90 pickups.


  • The treble strings will have more authority and thickness of tone.
  • The bass strings response is now very clear and distinct, letting the true character of this pickup’s design come shining through the guitar/amplifier combination.
  • The guitar’s tone controls now work in a more musical way. The guitar amplifier’s tonal circuitry will be much more friendlier towards the P-90 pickup, giving the player the ability to add greater bass response.
  • The treble strings will retain their thickness now as well.

Definition and clarification between strings is truly unique and unequalled.

Now, this ever-popular, older pickup design is far more useful and better sounding in every way. This alloy is very friendly to the player’s fingers, which makes them able to perform for longer periods without fatigue.


We’ve been beta testing and banging the crap out of these strings, and one of our trusted testers, George Harris (shown here) says it best:

“These new Blue Magic “Khaos” strings have given my p-90 guitars (a ’54 Jr. and a 90’s gold top LP) a much more focused tone, especially on the wound strings, the overall bottom sounds much tighter as well. The highs are much more distinguished, I’ve never experienced anything like these…….they are staying on these guitars for sure!”

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