George Harris

As a master recording engineer and producer, with many years of studio experience, I have had my hands in the music industry since I was a kid from playing, all the way to recording many great acts. Cheap Trick, Rick Derringer, Brian Johnson of AC/DC as well as many other well known acts. My passion for playing music mixes right in to be the best producer and engineer for your next record or session. I have also been the lead guitarist and one of the songwriters for many bands, including Soup Bone and The Greg Billings Band.

With this experience, I have learned much about recording, tone and playing. I was fortunate to be included in the early stages of testing for Blue Magic Strings. I’ve never played a string that has the tone, the feel or the longevity of these strings. I can literally keep a set on a guitar for months, whether I play it daily or not and yet it still sounds fresh and new with vibrance. If you care about your sound at all, I highly recommend these strings, whether you are a beginner or a professional player…..when you sound better, you will play better.

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