Jon Puhl

Blue Magic Strings to me feel like the tone and feel of a bygone era. They are smooth and long lasting and really deliver the goods. Very proud to personally endorse these. They are truly a superior string!

About Jon:
Originally from Connecticut where he played with many New England Rhythm and Blues bands, he’s been a blues guitarist for 53 years. He says he owes a huge debt to BB King, Matt Murphy and a score of other blues guitarists as over the years he’s opened many shows for these Chicago and Texas legends. Jn has been working in music retail and wholesale companies, and has the perspective of seeing the music world from all sides.

He moved to Florida in 1990, and continues to play blues, and has accepted several US and European blues tours with the late harmonica legend Rock Bottom. Currently, he is working with TBone Hamilton and The Blues Allstars.

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