Erik Stone, Bassist for ShovelHed

Long Story

We have all heard or read the hype every time we try a new brand of bass strings and typically settle for one brand for whatever reason. A lot of manufactures make strings that sound good right out of the pack. In my experience they either quickly go dead or have tuning stability issues. I play indoors and outdoors in the heat and string longevity and tuning stability has always been a problem for me.

I received and installed a set of Blue Magic bass strings about 8 weeks ago on the recommendation of a friend. Initially they felt and sounded fantastic on my Spector, like any high end nickel round wound. Smooth and bright with no harshness and a mid-focus that finds a great spot in the mix. For the first few shows I noticed great sound and fantastic tuning stability song to song. During the next 10 shows I kept waiting for them to sound dead at sound check and it never happened. I am now 20 shows and 1 week of recording in with the same set and they still sound incredible and stay in tune. The search is over, these are my strings.

Short Story

Killer brilliant tone without harshness and smooth feel. 20 shows in and they still have the same brilliant tone and superior tuning stability. The search is over, these are my strings. The best sounding and longest lasting bass strings I have ever used.

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