Our newly designed extra-long 12XL string electric Rock Formula sets usher in a higher level of comfort and tone for the modern Gibson, Epiphone, Jackson and Dean doubleneck player. Blue Magic has addressed all the key issues that will make playing these unique instruments more pleasurable and fun, including the extended string length required for those guitars with extended headstocks and tailpieces.

We have recalibrated these sets for maximum tuning stability, ringing sustain and comfort—making playing these models of guitar during a gig an absolute no-brainer! Nobody wants a stiff string set here—They want a feeling that is as effortless as possible in a set that usually has double the tension.

The 6-string set has been adjusted in a similar fashion to match the 12-string side, taking into consideration the extra lengths required for any electric 12-string model guitar.


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008-040, 009-042