Meet The Blue Magic Family

Rock Maximum Output Strings

The string that started it all, the Magic in Blue Magic.

These strings will tune up almost immediately and stay in tune afterwards with minimal retuning.

They have a unique feel to them, as well as tone that is second to none, perfectly balanced across the fretboard. Most players are reporting that they last anywhere between 4 and 6 times longer than your normal “big name” strings, and up to three times longer than the competitors top tier coated strings. They simply feel better, last longer, sound better and take more abuse than anything on the market. The tone is superior because they deliver all of this without being “coated”.

Vintage Electric Strings

If you are looking for that vintage feel and tone, look no further. Our Vintage strings deliver superior performance, as well as incredible longevity. As with our Rock Formula, these strings tune up immediately and stay in tune with minimal retuning. Feel and hear the vintage vibe pour from everything you play!

Sonorous Bass Strings

Now available in four, five and six string sets. Smooth, Even Output from all strings across the neck. Smooth deep bass tone, with unmatched tuning stability. Easy on the fingers, right out of the pack….and longevity that matches the very best top tier coated brands without the tone stealing coating. Put some real thunder into your bass tone today.

Apokalypse Metal Strings

Derived from the very soul of our Rock Formula Strings, the Apokalypse goes a step further.

These are 7 and 8 String sets with just a little more bite to them. The tone is amazing, and they continue the tradition of superior tuning, tone, feel and longevity.

As with the Rock Formula, our players and customers are reporting longevity of up to 4 times longer than any of the uncoated competitors….and up to 2 times longer than our coated competitors. Being a perfectly balanced, uncoated set, the tone is far superior and powerful than just about anything on the market. If you sound better, you will play better, it’s that simple.

Indigo Acoustic Strings

Unparalleled tuning stability, perfect balance across the fretboard with a deep rich bass response, silky midrange and shimmering chime in the top end.

Khaos P90

Yes, so unique we filed for a Patent!
Finally, a string developed for the unique characteristics of the P90 pickup…..Our unique metal alloy insures that all 6 strings are perfectly rebalanced and refocused for a much better, easier, performance with the P90 design. 


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