Rock Maximum Output Strings


The string that started it all, the Magic in Blue Magic.
These strings will tune up almost immediately and stay in tune afterwards with minimal retuning.
They have a unique feel to them, as well as tone that is second to none, perfectly balanced across the fretboard. Most players are reporting that they last anywhere between 4 and 6 times longer than your normal “big name” strings, and up to three times longer than the competitors top tier coated strings. They simply feel better, last longer, sound better and take more abuse than anything on the market. The tone is superior because they deliver all of this without being “coated”. But don’t just believe us, visit our “Axe Files” and see what professional musicians have to say about them. If you sound better, you will play better, it’s that simple.

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009-042, 009-046, 0095-044, 0095-046, 010-046, 010-048, 011-048

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