Apokalypse – Metal Strings


Derived from the very soul of our Rock Formula Strings, the Apokalypse goes a step further.
These are 7 and 8 String sets with just a little more bite to them. The tone is amazing, and they continue the tradition of superior tuning, tone, feel and longevity….. As with the Rock Formula, our players and customers are reporting longevity of up to 4 times longer than any of the uncoated competitors….and up to 2 times longer than our coated competitors. Being a perfectly balanced, uncoated set, the tone is far superior and powerful than just about anything on the market. If you sound better, you will play better, it’s that simple.

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Sets Available:
0095-064 Seven String Set
009-080 Eight String Set

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009-080 Eight String Set, 0095-064 Seven String Set

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