About Us

Finding Perfect Tone...

We are a group of musicians that had the same goal, to find the perfect tone.
We understand that the tone that emulates from your speaker is based upon a chain of events, beginning at the fretboard of the guitar. A player’s tone will only be as good as the weakest link in the chain of events that creates the sound, which begins when your finger tip meets the string. The string is the first link in a series of events that creates YOUR tone, and that’s where we decided to begin our journey as well.

Whether you choose our pure nickel vintage sets, or our maximum output rock sets….our proprietary formula insures that your playing experience will be addictive in nature. The tone, the feel, and the longevity are all part of this equation. An incredible amount of time and research has gone into these strings. They tune up and stay in tune faster than other strings, they keep their vibrance longer than other strings, they feel amazing, and yes, they sound amazing.

Blue Magic Strings are just the beginning, we have already begun work on more guitar related products that will also be released to the public in the very near future….so stay tuned….and for now, enjoy some amazing strings.

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